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Botanika Gardens can take care of every aspect of your landscaping needs. Clean up, design, revitalization, planting and installation, amending & grading, regular maintenance, drip irrigation, ornamental pruning, and outdoor lighting.


Some people know exactly what they want in a garden but don't know if it will work in their yard. Others only know what colors they like and a few plant names. We can help you decide what you want to do with your outdoor areas. Call us to set up a site evaluation and consultation and begin the process of creating your unique outdoor space.



Once we've arrived at your design, our talented crew will take care of the installation using industry best practices and the highest quality materials.  Or, we are happy to work to your specifications and design.


After installing your new garden or revitalizing your existing one you may want help maintaining the garden for maximum enjoyment/affect. We can set up a regular care schedule on a monthly or quarterly basis. Or you may just want to call upon us occasionally through out the year for special projects. Frequency is determined by the needs of the garden and how much work you'd like to do yourself. Either way we look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your garden as it grows and evolves.

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