Creating and Revitalizing Low-Maintenance, Organic Gardens

Botanika Gardens landscaping services specializes in San Francisco's unique gardening climate. Owner and founder Melinda Rose has been creating, revitalizing and maintaining San Francisco's gardens since 1999. Melinda and crew can create a look that is unique to your personal tastes while incorporating the specific needs of the site; Sun, shade, soil, wind, exposure, water, size of garden and intended use. 

Visuals are only the first layer of the garden. Many garden's are beautiful to look upon, your personalized garden can entice all of the five senses.

"Hear the soothing sounds of leaves rustling in the breeze or the gurgling of a water feature. Listen to the songs of birds we invite into your garden with carefully chosen plants or the buzz of a hummingbirds wings as it flits and dives from one nectar rich flower to the next. Smell fragrant flowers in bloom and the savory sweet aroma of leaves. The garden will arouse the sense of touch with the many textures of leaves; waxy, fuzzy, furry, bumpy, prickly or soft. As for taste, most herbs and some fruits and vegetables can be grown in even the foggiest of San Francisco's micro climates. Call us to set up a site evaluation and consultation. We'll help you create a garden that speaks to your unique personality and tastes."

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